What is the big deal about Photogrammetry?

June 18th, 2015 by admin

Have you ever looked at a destination on a map or a GPS and thought it wasn’t so far, only to be frustrated by its actual distance once you’re on the road? This is a failure in scaling that’s often difficult to avoid, especially when allocating for the size of an object in relation to several other models. Fortunately, there is a way of making these scales as accurate as possible through a process known as photogrammetry.

So Much Science

This is the science of making measurements between two points from a photograph. This method allows professionals to make accurate estimates regarding the dimensions of an area without having to visit the site with a truckload of equipment. This saves on time, and more importantly, money, which is always a good thing.

Photogrammetry isn’t as easy as it looks though; there are actual sciences and complex calculations involved. Accuracy is the only thing that matters when using this method, since a discrepancy of a few centimetres on the picture can translate into full meters on the real thing. A mistake like that could lead to overestimations and losses for the project.

The disciplines photogrammetry utilises range from optics to projective geometry. These sciences allow specialists to determine multiple points in 3D space, as well as account for differences with two very important factors: the exterior and interior orientation of the camera.

Cameras in Space

The external orientation of a camera refers to the device’s position in space; how far it is from the subject of the photograph, the angel at which it is held, so on and so forth. Interior orientation accounts for the perceived settings of the camera such as the lens distortion, as well as the focal length. These variables can create an illusion that distorts the image, throwing off any calculations regarding the subject’s dimensions.

Photogrammetry requires intense study and the accuracy of its results can only be seen when the project is underway. It’s not an undertaking that just anyone can attempt. Fortunately, we have all the training and skills needed to use this scientific method effectively. Contact us today if you want to know about our photogrammetry services, or explore the rest of our website for our other products and services.