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At Design n Consult, we leverage our unrivalled expertise in everything glass to provide you the perfect fixtures for your home.

Quality, beauty, affordability – our solutions revolve around these three promises. Our large network of suppliers and tradesmen is at your disposal to have the right materials and professionals for your project. You don’t have to go through the trouble of comparing quotes and scrutinising the credibility of contractors; you only need us to get the most competitive pricing available and have the right team to get the job done fast and safely.

From expert consultancy to exceptional design, from premium glass products to advanced measuring solutions, we’ve got it all for your convenience.

Everything we bring to the table revolves on excellence. We guarantee your satisfaction by covering every single thing that matters to you and making your experience with us positive.

Glass Pool Fencing

Glass Pool FencingWe offer expert advice on the design, safety, regulations and compliance on your new fence, as well as a list of glass products with cost pricing, supplier details and installation if required. You don’t have to speak to anyone else to plan your project; we’ll handle it from start to finish.

DIY pricing (fully installed) without the risk or the stress

We organise everything from site measure and design through to final installation. You, the customer, pay for materials and labour directly to the suppliers at cost price. The amount we quote is the final investment – no extra or hidden fees whatsoever.

Design n Consult lets you get the best pricing out there and enjoy the benefits of our 13 years of experience in the glass fencing/balustrade industry (Like having a good mate in the glass industry). Coupled with our proven expertise, our extensive background in pool fence and balustrade projects guarantee you peace of mind.


Balustrade StairsMeasure, Design, CAD Detailing, Compliance, material procurement and installation all on a consultancy basis.

Savings in the region of 25-50%.

For larger jobs we give you the option of importing glass certified to Australian standards from overseas and delivered straight to your building site – savings beyond belief. This provides you with a unique opportunity to access the finest glass products the world has to offer.


Photogrammetric Services

PhotogrammetryState of the art digital measuring and CAD detailing for complex or difficult to measure projects.

Photogrammetry is often used to measure planar fixed balustrade on the side of stair cases, Kitchen splash backs, and Kitchen counters, shower screens and reveal fit mirrors.

Measurements to less than 1mm tolerance around the entire shape. We can draw the exact shape required and provide a DXF file that can be loaded directly into CNC automated machinery (Glass cutting, timber cutting, stone cutting) The CNC machine cuts exactly what is drawn.

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