Unsecure Swimming Pools is a Leading Cause of Drowning in Australia

June 22nd, 2015 by admin

Drowning accidents are among the leading causes of accidents and deaths of Australians. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare cited it as the third underlying cause of death in children. A majority of those drowning incidents involved drowning in swimming pools.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed in a study that 411 children suffered accidental drowning incidents from 1992 to 1998. Among those figures, around 173 or 42% of them fell or wandered into private pools. Children under 5 years of age had the highest average drowning rate, having 4.6 deaths per 100,000 population.

Lack of safety barriers – the leading cause of drowning

A study revealed that the drowning accidents occur mainly due to lack of safety barriers. The Brisbane Drowning Study recorded and mentioned the top 3 causes of drowning or near drowning of children: absence of a pool fence, inadequate pool fence and inadequate pool gate.

Addressing the issue

Recognising the hazards of swimming pools, Australian organisations came up with studies and measures to solve the problem. The Deaths and Hospitalisations Due to Drowning, Australia 1999-2004 Report concluded that pool fences are effective methods of preventing drowning and near-drowning incidents for children. Adding gate closures improve security and reduce the risk of accidents, as well.

The government implemented laws, building requirements and other measures that improve safety in swimming pools to address the drowning incidents. Builders or owners of newly constructed swimming pools must notify local councils and allow them to conduct inspections. The government requires them to register their pools, outline safety features, install child-friendly barriers and get approval from the council, as well. Those who fail to comply with those requirements will face penalties.

Studies prove that more children suffer from accidents in swimming pools due to lack of safety features and barriers. Pool fences and gate installations with an experienced staff may lessen the likelihood of drowning incidents. At Design n Consult, we can help make your swimming pool 100% secure and keep your children safe without compromising the beauty of your home. We design and install frameless glass pool fencing to mix fun and functionality in your backyard oasis. Click here to know more about our products and services.